Meet other Explorers: Benefits of the Explorer’s Society

The Explorer’s Society is a place where we discuss the future of the aviation industry. We’d like to invite you to participate in the exchange among industry professionals and other stakeholders. We believe that the aviation industry is facing profound changes and that we need new solutions for a positive, sustainable and profitable future to manifest. Ready to heed the call to adventure?


  • Articles and video talks
  • Deeper market insights
  • Networking and establishing of new relationships
  • Building your profile
  • Contribution to and starting of innovative initiatives
  • Personal and professional growth
  • Engaging in meaningful activities for the future of our society

Sponsored by Avinor

Avinor is a wholly-owned state limited company under the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications and is responsible for 44 state-owned airports.

Avinor has taken a leading role in reducing climate gas emissions from the aviation industry, including the development of electric aircrafts and supplying sustainable jet-biojetfuel.

Avinor provides safe and efficient travels for around 50 million passengers annually, half of which travel to and from Oslo Airport.

Over 3000 employees are responsible for planning, developing and operating an efficient airport and air navigation service. Avinor is financed via airport charges and commercial sales. The air navigation services is organized as subsidiary wholly-owned by Avinor. Avinor’s headquarter is in Oslo.

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