How to Think Like an Explorer

The world is changing rapidly. How do we deal with these changes if we want to create a positive future?

This is among the questions the Explorer´s Society sets out to find answers for. And we believe that the first step is a new mindset: a different way of thinking that leads to new approaches to old and new questions. A way that leads to places where no one has gone before.

To shape a positive future for the aviation industry, we need a new way of thinking: the explorer’s mindset

No doubt: we have solved many problems with our current way of thinking. But we have also created many new problems with it. And as Albert Einstein famously said: “Problems can never be solved with the same way of thinking that created them.”

The Explorer´s Society owes its name to a new way of thinking. We call it “explorer´s mindset”. How does an explorer think? What are his strengths? Let’s have a look at what sets explorers apart and what we can learn from them.

What We Can Learn from Explorers

Here’s one strength explorers bring to the table: they keep an open mind and are always ready to question their own beliefs.

As we know, confirmation bias can make us seek out only those facts that confirm what we already believe. We want to prove we are right instead of finding evidence for why we might be wrong.

When explorers come across data that contradicts their beliefs, they look extra-hard at the facts.

But if we don’t pay attention to all developments, whether they are contrary to our beliefs or not, we may risk overlooking major issues.

Thinking like an explorer helps: when explorers come across data that contradicts their beliefs, they look extra-hard at the facts. They know there might be something important in there. Something they may have missed before.

This leads to another strength of the explorer: Explorers are not afraid of looking at reality objectively and correct course if necessary, even if that means giving up something that many people put a lot of work into.

They go to new places and try out new things. But when they realize it’s no longer worth it, they turn back, try another way, or start something new. After all, successful exploration is about finding hidden treasures, not useless deserts.

Explorers are not afraid of looking at reality objectively and correct course if necessary.

Here’s a video by the author of “The Art of Thinking Clearly”. It’s worth watching and connects to the explorer’s mindset:

Exploring the Future of Aviation

The Explorer’s Society aims at bringing together explorers to address some of the major issues the airline industry is facing today: environmental concerns, technological changes, the rise in passenger numbers, security and safety, among others.

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We at Avinor believe that explorers can lead the aviation industry into a positive future. Do you think like an explorer? Or do you want to get better at it by learning and sharing ideas in a community of explorers? Then heed the call to adventure!



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