Explorer’s Society: A Community for the Future of Aviation

What will the aviation industry look like in 2050? Airlines, airport operators and travel companies are achieving consistently high and healthy growth. They compete constructively and complement each other, create innovations and shape new forms of air traffic. Environmental concerns are taken seriously and many problems have been solved using completely novel approaches. Employees in the industry are highly motivated and fulfilled because they are working towards a worthy goal. Ever-more people can afford seeing the world and taking part in global business, with hardly any underserved or unserved route left.

Is this how our future will look like? Whether it will come true depends on how the aviation industry deals with the necessary changes it is confronted with: how can we use them for our benefit and the benefit of all people? How can we create something positive and valuable for future generations? Something to be proud of?

It is time to explore the future of aviation together.

As a company with a public mandate, we at Avinor Traffic Development are aware of the scope of the current changes and that the resulting challenges are far too significant for a single company to tackle. We think it is time to explore the future of aviation together. For we are convinced that the discussion of such important questions is crucial for all of us. The successful transformation of the industry requires an intensive dialogue between all those involved.

Therefore, we would like to invite you to join us and other experts as well as interested parties at the Explorer´s Society.

Welcome to the Explorer’s Society

With the Explorer´s Society we want to bring together and connect people both virtually and in real life. We see it as a community working together to develop solutions for the future of aviation, a platform where we can discuss and exchange ideas. We would like to dig deeper and get to the bottom of today’s pressing questions in an open and goal-oriented environment. Some of these issues are:

  • Sustainability: How can a constructive interplay between growth, technology and the preservation of the environment be achieved?
  • Economic growth and stability: What will successful business models look like in the coming years and what can decision-makers do now to secure their business and make it prosper?
  • Participation: How can we make access to air travel possible for most people in the world? How can we bridge the gap between the values of participation and sustainability to create a vision worth striving towards?

Let’s go beyond superficial answers to these critical questions and exchange realistic ideas and assessments about where the aviation industry is headed. Get started and join the Explorer’s Society!

Times of change need people who are curious, willing to take responsibility for others and future generations and who are open to new ways of thinking. We like to think of it as the Explorer’s Mindset. The Explorer’s Society is a place for those who share this mindset and who would like to learn about and share new perspectives on aviation as well as practical solutions.

Everyone is welcome: professionals and decision-makers from the industry, other stakeholders such as NGOs as well as individuals and organisations interested in these important topics.


As a first step, we encourage you to join our mailing list to keep in touch and follow the latest developments. You will also get valuable content and market insights delivered to your mailbox, providing a basis for discussion as well as inspiration to sharpen your own ideas. After that, it’s up to you: submit thoughts, articles or ideas, connect with others from the Explorer’s Society and participate in events.

Key benefits:

  • Articles and video talks
  • Deeper market insights
  • Networking and establishing of new relationships
  • Building your profile
  • Contribution to and starting of innovative initiatives
  • Personal and professional growth
  • Engaging in meaningful activities for the future of our society

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We want to work together to contribute to a positive future of air travel along multiple dimensions. We want to explore useful solutions as profound changes manifest so that we can make the right course adjustments where necessary to reach our destination: a promising and exciting future for our industry, the people we serve and our planet.

How to get started:

  • Join our Explorer’s Society mailing list to keep in touch
  • Get notified about valuable content and market insights
  • Submit topics, ideas or thoughts as you see fit



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