Routes Europe 2020: Explorer’s Paradise

Routes Europe is a hotspot for the aviation industry. In 2020, the forum comes to Bergen – new business opportunities, learning about new markets, beautiful nature: all there. Perhaps most importantly: we’d like to use the chance of hosting Routes Europe to facilitate the exchange of ideas in the aviation industry and to connect all relevant stakeholders. What are the broader changes we are facing such as sustainability at airports, electric air travel and technological developments that are potential game changers? Let’s explore the future of the aviation industry as well as Norway’s stunning nature – and meet some like-minded explorers.

High Profile Sustainability Conference

Let’s face it: the aviation industry has to deal with a very difficult equation: on the one hand, we need growth, which also benefits tourism, business and the many people who want to participate in the globalized world. We all would like to see new routes, more passengers and more connectivity. On the other hand, there are pressing environmental issues – from noise to pollution. Solving these problems is not optional. If we want to thrive and enter a positive and exciting future, our industry must change.

Solving these problems is not optional. If we want to thrive and enter a positive and exciting future, our industry must change.

To kick-off Routes Europe in the proper spirit, we will, therefore, organize a high-profile event for discussing all things sustainability. It will take place one day before the official begin of Routes Europe and offers attendees the opportunity to discuss airport and airline sustainability, electrical planes and more. What are some of the creative solutions to bridge the gap between environmental concerns and growth? What does this mean for the future of our industry? Let’s discuss – and also get to know some fascinating tech gadgets and green technology.

Learn and Participate

We will cover the relevant events leading up to Routes Europe 2020 here on this blog – with stories about the future of aviation, business insights and tips on how to get the most out of your stay in Bergen. Subscribe to our newsletter to get notified and take part in the discussion!

And of course, we all warmly invite you to come to Bergen in 2020 – we’re all so looking forward to meeting you!

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