Interview: Electric Air Travel for Real

Are electric planes still science-fiction? Not in Norway. The country has done more than anyone to push the development and practical implementation of electric air travel. With many short domestic routes, sometimes under 100km, Norway is ideally suited for a test run of sustainable air travel.

In this comprehensive interview, Olav Mosvold Larsen, Senior Executive Adviser at Avinor, speaks about how far Norway and Avinor have come, about some of the major challenges and the future of sustainable propulsion technologies.

This interview is part of a series about sustainable air travel. With this series, we’d like to further explore different ideas such as ways to reach carbon neutrality, new technologies and the current trends in research.

Download Transcript ( PDF )

For more background on Norway’s strategy for electric air travel, check out the BBC article Norway’s plans for a fleet of electric planes.



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